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Quick Announcement

I know I have been idle, for which my apologies. I couldn’t think of much to say that would add to the sum of human knowledge. However, having been rejuvenated by the Middle Temple students, we will shortly be starting a series about how to make your CV relevant to the Bar and your experience relevant to your interview.

In the meantime, I have been asked to post the following. As there is money in it for some of you (I hope), I am happy to do it.

I am the Marketing & Communications Manager for the King’s Student Law Review, and wondered if you would be able to do a quick blog post for our invitation for submissions for the next publication (deadline: 29th February 2012).  We accept submissions from students worldwide, and the word count is 5,000 – 10,000 words.  As well as the obvious benefits of being published in a legal journal, we also have a cash incentive – a £250 prize for the best essay!
In addition, we are also accepting submissions for shorter articles (around 1,000 words) for our 8 new blogs in the areas of:
– European Law
– Legal Theory
– Human Rights
– Constitutional Law
– Commercial Law
– Criminal Law
– International Law
– Legal Practice, Procedure and Profession
Kind regards,
Andrea Tang
Marketing & Communications Manager
King’s Student Law Review 2011-2012
 It’s the sort of thing that looks good on a CV. Go to it.

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