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A Minor Celebration

It has been rather busy recently – and I have had a holiday – so posting has been non-existent. Normal service will, I hope, be resumed shortly. In the meantime this seemed to merit a quick mention.

The blog moved to WordPress 4 years ago, which suggests that there are 60,000+ hits per annum. That, I think, suggests that I am doing something right, although I suspect it also reflects the paucity of information out there – something which I am delighted to to see being addressed recently.

Thank you all for your visits, your contributions, your comments and your interest. I reiterate – the world’s best job, even in today’s troubled times. Interesting work, largely competent and supportive colleagues, your own boss, doing something absolutely essential to a functioning society and behaving morally as well. The downsides – stress, no plan B, contemptible politicians, 80 hour weeks and the money isn’t as good as it was.

But still, if you can – and lots of you do still seem to want to – then I would. Every time. Good luck.


2 thoughts on “A Minor Celebration

  1. I thought I would just say thank you. Over the last couple of years this blog has been invaluable as a source of useful information, interesting debate, and diversion from revision.

  2. I’d like to second the sentiment of the comment above. There is a wealth of information available about the practical aspects of getting to the Bar, but in my experience it would appear that a lot of it is not followed by barristers once they have built their practice. As one barrister said to me –

    ” We are not trained recruiters. We just want to see that you have the academic credentials. After that, it comes down to whether or not we could bear to share office space with you”.

    Seems like there is a real ‘x’ factor requirement and that is difficult to teach, but your blog goes a long way to filling in the blanks left by the official literature. Thanks!

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