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Three Interesting Facts

First: yesterday’s post is clearly what the public want. I usually get between 250 – 300 visits a day, which I reckon is ok for a blog concerned with a fairly recondite topic in which only 4,000 people and their teachers could really be interested. And my mother – obviously.

Second: Today I have had 820+ visits. That is even more than the previous record when those idiots who helped people to cheat for money were threatening to sue me by sundown or whatever it was.

Third: More than 812 of those visitors know all about Stroud’s Judicial Dictionary.

Isn’t that interesting?


2 thoughts on “Three Interesting Facts

  1. Simon,

    I am not surprised that you have had so many hits, as the advice is excellent. I can look back at my previous applications and see quite clearly why I didn’t get very far, and it almost inspired me to try again, although to be honest, I have realised that it isn’t for me anymore.

    I get a lot of hits to my site from all over the world, and they all go to the post titled ‘Skool is grate’ Its a mystery to me, because surely they karnt al spel as badlee as wot I does.

    All those aspiring students would be sunk without you, and I am sure they all appreciate your continuously good advice.

    I must admit I don’t know what Strouds Judicial Dictionary is, or what a split infinitive is either. Not really sure what an infinitive is anyway. Clearly, I was not made for pupillage!


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