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Trying New Things

It is Sir Thomas Beecham who is alleged to have said, “One should try everything in life except incest and Morris dancing”.

Up until now this blog has not accepted advertising. I have been contacted a number of times and have always managed to dissuade inquirers by asking how pleased their clients would be if they found themselves the subject of a critical post.

However, if you look to your right you will see a small and tasteful advert. Their response to the usual question was that they were confident it would not happen but that if it did they would have no objection. I asked them to pay £300 per annum. They agreed. The money is going to the Middle Temple Scholarship Fund. I hope that one of you receives it in due course.

Let me know what you think. As to the picture – I am content to score 50%.


4 thoughts on “Trying New Things

  1. A lovely gesture,Simon, but unfortunately I cant get the image to load on my PC so I am unable todetermine whether or not its tasteful.

    I get many requests to place ads, but cant bring myself to do it.I’ve always been a bit ad resistant, unfortunately- it all feels a bit dodgy and Im worried that I’m lowering the tone of a blog thats already lower in tone than whale pooh!

  2. I rather think it was Tallulah Bankhead who made the remark about incest and Morris dancing, tho’ of course Sir Thos. may have too. He tends to get credited with all the witticisms no one can pin on O Wilde.

    Tallulah is a better source, because sexually she did try everything except incest.

  3. i’m delighted! my pop-up blocker blocks the image. sounds like £300 for old rope to go to the needy middle classes.
    (that is of course an unnecessarily snidey comment about middle temple scholarship fund. just before those in need of a sense of humour tell me how essential the scholarship fund is, can i note that i am a very grateful recipient of same.)

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