Cheap Books

Claire from Hammicks has been in touch again. There is a student discount on a wide range of books. Moreover, she – or possibly the Bar Council – has managed to kick Archbold into giving a discount to students and young barristers. Not before time. The full list is here – it includes University students, BPTC students and pupils (for some books only). Hope it helps.


4 thoughts on “Cheap Books

  1. I too have been in conversation with a representative of a publisher which discounts certain practitioner texts heavily for pupil barristers and for those barristers who have been called within a certain period of time upon proof of this from their heads of chambers. I was refused any discount by the publisher for falling outside of the requirements. I am over a year’s call but have no pupillage. Again, the ‘paper’ barristers (those in the limbo between passing the bar course and obtaining pupillage) lose out. Like me, many are doing paralegal jobs, or similar, in their chosen areas of practice, and have as much need for such texts as the pupil or junior practitioner.

    Apologies for turning this observation towards my King Charles’s head, but this discount situation throws further light on the have-and-have-not divide after completion of the bar course. You’ve blogged on the growing numbers of paper barristers versus pupillages available, and have rightly warned those harboring unrealistic expectations about their chances of obtaining pupillages to think very hard before committing to the bar. The answer, however, to the question “why are there so many providers accepting so many students in the face of falling yearly pupillage numbers?” demands an answer. I think Private Eye needs to make a journalistic project out of this dubious situation. We demand public ventilation of the Bar Council’s reasons for allowing such a situation to exist!

  2. Sorry, I made a mistake above, I meant to say “The question..” rather than the “The answer to the question…” in the second paragraph. Presuming you’ll allow my comments to stand, thanks for letting me to vent my spleen.

    Also, another thought has struck me: aren’t the publishers losing out on the paper barrister market by restricting big discounts on texts to pupils and juniors within x years’ call? There are thousands of inbetweeners like me working as paralegals using the material they publish, and I for one would spend more on their products with the incentive of a juicy discount. Cheers.

  3. Hey amiga!!! I like the dress but… I think the top is SO YOU!! So colorful and free flowing- which is my choice for you. You’ll come up with a splash in either. I love the Limited but haven’t shopped there within a while- many thanks for that reminder. Hugs!!

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