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Any Questions

On Monday at 1pm the Guardian’s Careers site is running an online question and answer session entitled ‘How to Get a Pupillage’ (close, but not quite actionable I feel) in which I am taking part. Please do feel free to come and ask whatever you wish and I will do the best I can to answer. I am assuming there will be other panellists as well, but I don’t yet know who they are. The website address is and you follow the appropriate link – which isn’t up at the time of writing.

Lest this be seen as advertising, let me make it clear that I don’t read the Guardian and that I view its politics with disdain. Any newspaper which can report an activity of the UK Jewish community under the heading ‘Foreign News’, is making its views clear, and they are unpleasant. However, the careers forum is useful and the law blog is worth a read. It also hosts Baby Barista which is continually amusing and depressingly true to life. So, not a puff for the paper.


3 thoughts on “Any Questions

  1. my dog, simon! if you find the guardian’s views distasteful, i take it you daren’t so much as glimpse the bulk of the uk press for (justified) fear of your head exploding. i mean, one expects unthinking, nausea-inducing, hate-filled shite from the male and the express and the sun and the news of the world and …. but have you had a peep at the times?
    mind you, somehow deciding that uk jews are actually part of overseas news is quite an – ahem – alternative take on the facts.

    1. Providing you don’t believe them, newspapers generally aren’t an issue. I agree that particular examples are worse than others. What got me about the Guardian was that this was an editorial choice to label a section of the population as not quite British. Given the Guardian’s proclaimed world view that was pretty vicious, and hypocritical to boot.

  2. A surprisingly decision given the Guardian’s usual politics! No indication that it was an oversight? Sometimes the categorising is a bit off…was it in relation to an international event? I am a pretty keen guardian reader (mostly the food pages though, it has to be said!) and you can often find yourself clicking on a health/food article and being taken to the science/data/ politics section?!

    It has been doing my head in of late though. Do we need live coverage and dedication of the entire online site (it seems) to whatever issue of the day? LIVE COVERAGE OF NAOMI CAMPBELL. POPE: LIVE COVERAGE.

    I still refuse to encourage the paywall antics chez the Times though!

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