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Best Laid Plans

Greetings from Manchester Airport. The time set aside last night for deciding and contacting the successful candidate was used instead for finding the tickets, which I had foolishly not put int the usual place.

I will try and get the message to the appropriate person by email over the next few days, and will update this post when they have (hopefully) confirmed. Thank you very much indeed to all of you who applied. Not a dud application amongst the many.

Apologies for the delay. More anon.


The (hopefully) happy applicant has now been informed and has said yes. Well done Lucy. She will be invited to publish her (unedited) impressions – providing they aren’t defamatory or in breach of client confidentiality that is. It might be cool to do this as we go along but it is not my decision.

There were 15 applicants of whom one already had pupillage. There were 8 women and 7 men. Insofar as I could tell, there were 3 ethnic minority applicants, but that is obviously a guesstimate. I chose a person who I thought had a realistic prospect of Pupillage. That reduced the pool of applicants to 5. I don’t mean to denigrate anyone by that: every applicant was decent but that is no longer enough. Then I chose the liveliest application. I don’t pretend to either science or infallibility but transparency is important.

I hope no one is too bruised. Thank you all again.


10 thoughts on “Best Laid Plans

  1. oh that’s great Myers, real frikkin good. Yoou chose the person most likely to get pupillage. Let me guess…top tier education, high grades blah blah somebody shoot me in the face. i bet she was president of the “debating society” at university- oh don’t make me throw up. This person was always likely to get pupillage. It would have been far more interesting to give somebody who is not “the most likely” and give them a chance. Some people look bad on paper, like Einstein, but were actually geniuses. I have seen these chicks with their internship experience and a* from SAT to degree in court. They are generally useless. Why is the bar so unoriginal when it comes to selection. Give the unlikely’s a chance- that way you actually contribute something when you pick a diamond from the rough.

    I should specify that I did not apply for your vacancy.


    1. Your tone is unbecoming, and the reference to ‘chicks’ may play well with your friends but reads like grating sexism to me. Of course there was an issue about how to pick. In the end I chose someone with a chance of pupillage – exactly as I said I would.

      Your assumption seems to be that I would be ‘giving someone a chance’. That’s a huge overstatement of what I was offering and I was very careful to make that clear. You have, I think, fallen into the trap of believing that those you dislike have more power than they actually have. Consequently, I chose someone who I believe would be boosted by this. If they get a pupillage I will be delighted.

      That you don’t have the manners to find out someone’s name suggests that you don’t read carefully enough. Your assumptions about Lucy are not for me to deal with. The details are private unless she chooses to make them public. The fact that you made assumptions says quite a lot about you – mainly that you have a chip on your shoulder. You go in for abuse, yet sound remarkably pleased with yourself for behaving like this. The point at which you are capable of discerning that your behaviour is stupid and cease to be proud of it, is when you might think of being ready to practice on behalf of other people.

    2. It is a good thing indeed you did not apply Mike beacuse you certainly dont deserve any kind of job with an attitude like that. Please remember that ‘ a competent and self-confident person is incapable of jealousy. Jealousy is invariably a symptom of neurotic insecurity” Oh dear Mike, good luck in life…I think you are going to need it!

    3. Magic Mike; your post is a lesson in “how to make yourself look stupid” Sour grapes much?

      Good luck to Lucy, I hope she gets the most out of the experience. What an amazing opportunity.

  2. Since Mr MyersON wants the individual to do actual important work, rather than sit around and whine about his/her glorious worthiness despite bad grades, it’s really not lame to select someone who looks like they’ll do a good job. I expect the job is quite similar to the early days of pupillage, so it’s not really a coincidence.

  3. As a friend of Lucy’s I couldn’t be any happier for her, and I am really glad to know that she was chosen because it was thought she is most likely to get a pupillage. Not only is she academically brilliant but also very hardworking and dedicated. In all honesty I do not understand why she has not got a pupillage yet – if this helps her secure a pupillage which she should have had a long time ago then even better. Congratulations Lucy – You deserve it!

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