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A Quick Link

Firstly my apologies for the silence. I am simply terribly busy. I hope that, within the next couple of weeks the pace will be slightly slower and I can post again. I have not given the blog up!

Secondly, although I don’t normally do advertising, Claire at Hammicks has contacted me and asked me to remind you that for Pupils and those up to 3 years call, there is a Bar Council/Hammicks scheme for cheap books. The link is here –

This is obviously a good deal. I have asked Claire about extending something of the kind to BVC students. These are practitioner texts, and expensive, but people could share them. She is working on it. Until then please note that BVC students can get BCrimP, BCivP and BEmpP with 31% off, the Green Book at 60% discount and Stone’s Justices’ Manual (new on last week) for 60% off. I am sure you knew this already, but just in case…


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