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A Modest Milestone

sylvester_i_and_constantineAt about 11pm this blog recorded its 100,000th hit. That includes both sites, so there is some duplication but nevertheless it is a milestone.

Some figures:

  • The blog has been up for 22 months
  • 84 posts
  • 961 people have clicked on ‘Why I Want to be a Barrister” making it the most popular post overall.
  • The “Tenancy and How to Get It Part 2: Advocacy” post attracted the most traffic within 72 hours.
  • 344 of you have emailed me asking for help or simply saying thank you. If I have not replied, I apologise. I think I have managed to respond to over 90% of those emails (this is not an invitation).
  • 2 institutions have offered to take me over and pay me to write. 4 organisations have offered me money to take advertising. But the main pleasure in doing this has been to say what I like, so the answer has always been no.

Some thank yous:

  • I hate the word blawg, but those who practice this secret vice have been extremely supportive.
  • The Benchers of my Inn (Middle) have recommended the blog to their students and have been kind enough to invite me to get involved with educational events run by the Inn. I have thoroughly enjoyed it and the peer support has been welcome.
  • A number of people teaching the BVC have also been very good about recommending the blog, especially Charon QC and the people in charge at Northumbria.
  • Alexander Robson and Georgina Woolfe were nice about the blog in their (helpful) book.

I have written 2 posts I regretted but have taken nothing down, because I think that rewriting history is wrong. Two people commented (fairly) on those posts, and about thirty have been nice about the whole enterprise but, as I would expect, the vast majority of the profession are utterly indifferent to the whole business save for making vaguely approving noises if a mini-pupil mentions the blog. Three barristers have expressed the view that this blog is really most undignified and does nothing for the image of the profession. It’s a free country.

The people for whom the blog is written seem to like it and to find it useful. I hope so. The Bar has, to its great credit, tried hard for at least 60 years to embrace diversity. What we do is important and it makes sense that people from every segment of society can play their part in that project. It helps us all if people feel that the law is something that involves them – not simply something that happens to them. The Bar as a whole – from top to bottom – wants to encourage you and wants you to succeed.

In the picture, the barrister is the not the man on the left. I hope that clears up any confusion.

12 thoughts on “A Modest Milestone

  1. Its a big investment to offer words of wisdom on a regular basis. The hits are just recognition of the wit, clarity and utility of your bog. I for one am most grateful for your considered musings.

  2. I would like to add my thanks for what I consider to be one of the most useful and helpful law-related blogs on the web today. Enjoy the plaudits – they are well-earned – and don’t worry about the odd grouse.

  3. Congratulations. It is quite an achievement. Your blogs have kept me amused whilst still providing valuable information. Only stat that I can see that is missing is RSS feeds (thats how I read you blog. Not sure if they are included in the figures)

    My favorite post(s) have been:

    The series on “What type of law should I do”. and
    ‘Why I Want to be a Barrister”

    Thank you for all your posts. They are greatly appreciated

  4. Your site is the most credible and sincere of resources available to aspirants. Your efforts are universally appreciated by my immediate cohort.

  5. ( You can REALLY tell that I am paying attention at ALL times, can you not?! Apologies for the above comment, it seems pretty ignorant!!)

    This is an invaluable blog for BVC Students and Putative Pupils alike; its honest, and it pulls no punches; its been a great and invaluable help along the rocky road that is this career path, and for that I thank the Author profusely. 🙂

  6. Simon,
    I think you do a wonderful job. I wrote to you many months ago re: mature students – wondering why I had even put myself up for the torture of the GDL. Now I am happy and confident that I have a lot to offer the Bar having seen your posts and met fellow students! I am also well informed mostly because of you and your blogg. I bought various books – path to pupillage one of them – but your blogg is a mine of information and I for one think you are brilliant!! I have just joined Middle (not realising you were there) I only hope that you post up in advance when you will be doing any lectures/talks so that I can try to attend. Keep up the good work!

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