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Let me know what you think. The Editorial is down the right hand side at the bottom. The personal information is on the ‘About the Author’ page which can be accessed from the top of this page. The jokes have a page of their own. Content is pretty well unchanged (I have slightly altered the personal information to suit the new surroundings). There is now a search function and I have also added a list of categories, which should help you find groups of posts which may be useful.

9 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. Hi Simon,

    I do like your new look! Dont blame you for defecting from Blogger, WordPress is probably more maleable.
    I’m thinking about doing the same after the rubbish way they’ve treated me!

  2. Good look, Simon – very useful resource and I shall feature it on Insitelawwmagazine when students return to the fray in September.

    Always happy to do more podcasts with you!

  3. I like it – though I am such a technophobe I thought I’d revolutionised my blog when I changed its background, let alone its provider!

    On a random non-blog note, I will be at Eland Road on Saturday cheering on LUFC! My first ever football match, courtesy of LegalLad.

  4. Nice new look, it’s now very easy to navigate through subjects and older posts. And to be able to see new posts without scrolling down the page.

    I still have yet to get the hang of making my blog more attractive and understanding html, etc, but I’m happy to see I made it to your blog-roll. Aspirant indeed!

  5. Sorry, that should have said ‘And to be able to see new posts without scrolling down the page is a bonus.’ I don’t seem to be able to delete and amend.

  6. Simon, congratualtions on your new look blog. It seems very user friendly. Also thank you for the add, I am absolutely chuffed to have made it to your blog roll.


  7. Loving the new blog, and new cartoon! Although I could have sworn I saw someone looking a bit like your photo (not cartoon!) strolling around Bedford Row a couple of months ago…probably wishful thinking!

    I particularly enjoyed your recent post about prospects at the bar and realism and I agree with you wholeheartedly. If only I had the self-delusion to bullshit my way in!

  8. Probably was me actually. I go down for meetings and it is unlikely that anyone else is so unfortunate as to
    a) look like this
    b) be in barrister land

    Next time ask. If it is me I shall be happy to sign autographs. If it isn’t then I have no problem with you disturbing some random stranger. 🙂

  9. Simon, Chuffed to be on your list, and I will figure out how to get your new address back on mine!

    So much for learning HTML. I have too many problems learning stuff I am supposed to be learning. I might need Andro to bale me out again!


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