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Blogger Aids

Ok, so the numbers have been whirring round rather faster than previously since I was reviewed by Law Careers.Net. I have had about 500 hits in 2 days, which is close to double the usual rate. I suppose I need them more than they need me – a salutary lesson for any barrister.

On the basis that there are new readers; welcome, enjoy reading the blog, feel free to comment freely, don’t get offended and keep coming back.

Have a nice weekend and let your thoughts rest with Leeds United. The thought of a second season in the third division (now, in a fine example of grade inflation, known as League 1) is too much to bear.


6 thoughts on “Blogger Aids

  1. I see Robert Sadd, the person prosecuting Steve Wright was described as ‘Crown Advocate’. Does that mean he is not a barrister?

  2. May I suggest to both you learned gentlemen that most sporting events this coming weekend -particularly of the Footie variety immediately pale into insignificance when one considers that Wales are about to play Italy in Cardiff…..

  3. I have been reading nearly all of your blog whilst pretending to be working and think it is fantastic, but it is this post that has prompted me to comment, purely because I support Cheltenham Town and we have now done the double over Leeds this season which is by far and away the most incredible thing that has ever happened. In the entire world. To anyone.

    I may comment on a serious law post one day soon too!

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