Collective Nouns

I thought I would try to assist so that you all know where you are when it comes to interviews. Everyone agrees that these are accurate; use them without fear.

Lawyers: a bore
Silks: an egotism
Circuit Judges: a squabble
High Court Judges: a self-satisfaction
Lay Magistrates: a worry
District Judges (Crime): an irritation
District Judges (Civil): an arbitrariness
Recorders: an ambition
Juniors below 10 years call: an aspiration
Juniors above 10 years call: an envy
Members of Pupillage Committees: a nightmare
Pupillage Applicants: a beg
Pupils: an ASBO (thank you Charon – too good not to include)

All other suggestions welcome.


7 thoughts on “Collective Nouns

  1. Blawgers? – a pitch?… a case?… an asylum?

    Who knows… but one day…. we will be given a collective – (Some may even get an ASBO)

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